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Get Your Hopes Up

Have you ever been told ‘don’t get your hopes up!’ or talked out of trying a new idea in case you fail? In a world where mediocrity is accepted, people today need hope! This book will help you discover your purpose, realise your potential and live a life that counts. Glen Gerreyn shares his own story and draws on the journeys of others throughout history that have climbed over adversity and achieved greatness. Having learnt to lift himself out of impossible circumstances and excel Glen is now inspiring a generation to do the same.

“My name’s Melissa and I’m just writing to thank you so very much for writing such a hope filled book! Earlier this year I had a very severe episode of depression in which I was twice admitted to hospital. While staying there Dad came and gave me your book. At the time I was having a lot of difficulty with concentration and accepted only out of politeness, but when I began to read it I just couldn’t put it down. I finished it within a couple of days with a new realization that I had a bright and hopeful future. After reading the book I met a girl in the ward called Paige. We started having a chat and she told me her deep desire to end her life. She was convinced she was not going to live past 16. I told her about your book and how much it impacted me. I offered it to her that night and she told me she didn’t put it down until morning. The next day when I saw her she put her arms around me and said ‘That book saved my life!’. It was so amazing!”

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