The HopeFull Institute is about
shifting thinking and empowering
the entire school community.


The HopeFull Institute delivers solutions for the whole school community through powerful seminars that shift individual thinking and inspire audiences to navigate the complexity and disruption of contemporary society. Each of our programs are research-based and geared around supporting your schools existing wellbeing programs and enriching the lives of people in your school community.


Over the past twenty years Glen has shared his message of hope with over a million people around the world; engaging with students, parents teachers, employees, sporting groups and commununity leaders. Glen’s been invited to speak at TEDx events and on national TV and radio. He’s authored five books and created the ‘Men of Honour” character development course.

Glen has a unique ability to capture the attention of thousands, while deeply affecting individuals. So much more than beling able to inspire, is the absolute art of being able to compel people to take action in their lives. Therein lies Glen’s undeniable gift. With the unique ability of encoding today’s data into tomorrow’s dialect. Glen continues to offer audiences profound experiencs of meaning and identity, shifting perceptions, challenging boundaries and motivating positive change.


A mother of four and Glen’s wife, Belinda manages the operations of The HopeFull Institute. This includes all bookings, marketing and events. Belinda has worked with schools for more than a decade. She has a deep understanding of educational trends and the needs that schools have within modern society.

Belinda holds a Bachelor of Education in Human Movement with Honours from Sydney University, a Graduate Certificate in Event Management from the University of Technology, Sydney, and a Certificate VI in Ministry Training.

We've held seminars at over 500 institutions across Australia and abroad


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