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“Thanks so much for your emails, they always boost me when I’m down, and make me think just that bit deeper about things. You’re a champion, keep doing what you’re doing .”


“You are the KING of advice, pro of ideas and nonstop awesome help. KEEP IT UP FOREVER.”


“I’m just writing to thank everyone at The HopeFull Institute for the regular emails I receive. As a university student I have a lot on my plate and find that each email helps me through the obstacles that come my way.”


“I’m just one of the people who gets these emails and I just want to say that the things you write about are really fantastic. I love how you mix history and philosophy together to create a unique way to view and understand things. You have an awesome gift! Keep it up mate!”


“Having these emails  in my inbox is a way of reminding myself to make the effort to make my day just that bit better. It always seems to arrive when I need it and somehow the emails always relate to me. They are that little pick-me-up when needed the most. Thank you Mr Gerreyn for keeping me on top of things and doing far more for adolescents than you will ever truly realise.”


It is amazing to see the effect Glen has on the students he speaks to. For many they feel that they are being made to listen to yet another speaker and they appear disinterested. Yet each time I have heard Glen it is fascinating to watch the change in attitude – the laughter, and the leaning in to catch every word. He has the rare ability to make teenagers really listen, often for extended periods of time, and to take aboard what they have heard.


Many of the girls said that Glen was the best guest speaker they have ever seen!


It was inspirational – I have not seen anyone connect so quickly with boys in a group of this size. His ability to grab their attention was exceptional. The message he delivered to the boys was powerful and his sincere and genuine interest in them was evident.


I have a year 11 son at the school where you gave a talk this morning. I would just like to say that he got in the car after school and hasn’t stopped talking about you and what you spoke about. He took so many notes. Thank you so much, he has even asked me if we have a large piece of cardboard so he can get started on his pin board. Once again thanks.


An inspirational presenter who has the unique ability to grasp the attention of his audience from the moment he enters the room and does not surrender it for a second. He keeps the audience engaged, interested and makes them feel important….a role model for young people who are searching for a credible street wise and confident leader.


I just wanted to write to you and let you know how much your motivational talk changed my life and healed me 5 years ago now. At the time I was in a place where I could not see light at the end of the tunnel, but at the same time couldn’t help looking back on the Glen Gerreyn seminar. You taught me essential skills on how to survive situations where you almost feel like you don’t know your place in the world. I had lost my sense of belonging however I stayed strong. I was truly inspired by your own personal story. I wasn’t going to let depression ruin my life. I am now 20 years old and now consider myself a happy individual. Thank-you for your encouraging talk.


I attended your seminar the ‘Day of Hope’I just wanted to write to you to tell you how much you’ve inspired me. After your talk I felt so ready to go out and achieve what I wanted to. Which for me, was recovery from self-harm. So to let you know how far your support has taken me, I’m now just over 4 months free of self-harm. I’m taking a trip to East Timor as one of ten from all over Australia in a program to help the kids and work with their government officials. I’m so thankful for all the things you taught us and I still look into my book to keep myself on track and to remind myself of all the good things in this life.


Your teaching inspired me to motor on when I did my HSC exams. I remember you telling us to set our ATAR goal a bit higher than what we wanted and so I did that, aimed for a 89 but set it at 93. When I got my results I was stoked and filled with joy because I got 93.85. Thank you!


My daughter who is 15 years old came home yesterday after attending your motivational speech with a light in her eyes and an enthusiasm I have not seen for a long while. She spoke of all the issues that were brought up and how it just all made sense.


His seminars are terrific! His presentation skills are amazing – he is able to hold the 180 students spellbound during his presentations. His support material is also excellent. The students all become involved and leave with such a positive frame of mind.


I have seen many speakers work with students but none have held the students attention like Glen, his story is real and raw yet he delivered it with humour and honesty. The students were enthralled by Glen’s obvious love of speaking and inspiring ideas which have clearly struck a chord with our students. There is no doubt in my mind that our students will remember Glen’s visit and his thoughtful observations for many years to come. Rarely has an hour passed so quickly.


Before the seminar I had some concerns that the seminar may be long on style & hype & short on substance, leaving the students hyped up, but with little of lasting value. Happily, my fears were totally unfounded. Glen’s presentation was exceptional in what he communicated, how he communicated it and the devices he used to make that knowledge stick. Our students left in a reflective frame of mind and we have been able to use themes from the day in follow up since. This is not a presentation that relies on a larger than life personality, but it is meticulously researched, relevant and thought provoking. It does what the best teaching should: meets the students where they are at, but at the same time stretches them.


Thanks a lot for your talk. It was a really encouraging message and your story is a true inspiration to us guys. From my mates’ feedback so far it looks like they are planning on changing their lifestyles, addictions and priorities. Thanks again.


Glen’s ability to engage and inspire is second to none. His enthusiasm is infectious and his achievements humbling. Equally impressive is Glen’s solid philosophical base. He is a man of principle and unquestionable integrity.Glen has become our ‘go-to’ presenter by virtue of his thought-provoking programs, delivered in a style that is as energetic as it is passionate. His presentations invariably impress students, leaving them with a new resolve and hope for the future.


You came to my school today and you are a real inspiration. Your story brought tears to my eyes and let me see hope in my life. I’ve been hiding in the darkness too long and developed depression, I had suicidal thoughts that almost took action, but you have given me the strength to get up and go and see the light.Thank you Glen, you have saved my life!


I thought I’d let you know I’m currently sitting in a cafe and taking some time out to write about everything I learnt on from your seminar a few days ago – I’m thinking about my purpose, my goals, what I want to achieve, and how I am going to do it. Thank you so much for your words and inspiration, I now have the knowledge and self belief that I can figure out how I am going to impact this world for the better! Thanks again.


I am so pleased that people like you still exist. It is quite obvious that your life experiences gave you that inner strength and through your captivating talks to our youth today, you convey the message of believing in yourself, to set goals and aim high. You cannot possibly imagine the number of students that approached me this week to let me know how your talk has changed their outlook to their studies and life altogether. I hope that you will continue as long as you can. You have a great gift!


As a dad with three boys I want to thank you for this presentation. In 12 years of playing professional football we have heard a ton of motivational speakers. Nothing was as meaningful as this.


His engagement of the students is unprecedented and the genuine inspiration he creates within the students is so impressive. Many students have stated that it was the most rousing and powerful day they have had here at school. Not only does he motivate them, he provides them with the tools to sustain that motivation – essential with teenagers!


It was unbelievable how much of what you were saying related to me and the way I am today, you highlighted things I am not happy with and would like to change. Thanks so much.


Keeping 200 boys interested for two hours, making them laugh AND teaching them what it means to be a man is a difficult feat. However, it was made to look easy by Glen. Every student took a valuable piece of knowledge away with them.


You have made me rethink my choices on alcohol and drugs. Without your help, alcohol would have become a pattern. So yes, I really do want to thank you.


I want to thank you so much for changing my perception about these kids. The first day I walked in to the playground, I nearly turned around and walked straight back out. I could feel the negativity and sense of hopelessness – amongst staff and students. I have been there a week and find teachers are struggling just to control a class, many have simply given up. Of course the kids pick up on this, and figure ‘what the hell – they don’t believe in me, why should I?’ Kids appeared to have no self discipline, or self respect, and that in turn translates in to their interactions with each other. However, what I witnessed on the morning of your seminar opened my eyes to the essence of these kids. While all credit goes to you for being such a vibrant, engaging speaker with a vital message, I saw how thirsty these kids are. I have never in 25 yrs of teaching, seen a group so completely focused on a message of hope. Every one of those boys was writing notes furiously, or at least processing it in their heads – not one sabotaged the process for anyone else. AMAZING! It is so obvious to me now that these boys DO want more out of life – they want something better than what they have right now. They ARE looking for a way to improve (not as I previously thought, happy to stay in a negative downward slide). You could see their minds actually ticking over with ideas of what they could put in place today. Thank you so much. I know I will be working there pretty much every day for the rest of the year and whilst I am a realist and know they will try it on with me just because I am a casual and that’s what you do to casuals. I can at least now approach it with the firm understanding that there is good in each one of these kids. You have renewed my faith – thank you so much.


Recently you spoke to a group of students at my daughters school; she is in year 11 and struggling with commitment to study and school. I have never seen her so motivated as she was after she listened to Glen speak she talked about it endlessly.


I never thought that anything would be able to repair my relationship with my Dad. It was a chance to open up and tell him the times I missed mucking around with him. I realised that he cared for me and loved me and that would continue to grow. I learnt that both fathers and daughters have to put the effort into the relationship and that a fathers love for his daughter is unconditional.


I must say you’re one of the most genuine kindhearted men I have meet. The ‘Day of Hope’ was simply amazing, there’s no other way to explain it. Throughout this year my motivation and vision has totally faded, hope for life and faith in everything was slowly disappearing but you Glen have made me realise how lucky l am. You’ve made me realise my vision and I now have hope again. Thank you for what you’re doing for everybody in this world, you’re a blessing.


I just want to let you know that what you are doing is awesome, you came to my school back when I was in year 8 (7 years ago) to speak to us and I will never forgot what you told us. It’s not until my sister recently told me about a session you did at her school that I looked you up and found you on Facebook. What you said, makes me keep going so that I can’t quit on myself.


In 18 years of teaching I have never witnessed student enthusiasm like it. 250 students completing their workbooks and writing down their goals at the same time. A staff member from our school was moved to tears by Glen with the power of his message. We have noticed a shift in student and teacher attitudes since the visit. The overall mood is so much more positive.


What you are doing is brilliant. I hope you never stop what you do and I wish that all those who attend your seminars find hope. Thank you for trying to make this distorted world a better place.


Thank you so much for our Day of Hope. I have had so much positive feedback from Year 10 girls. Something came alive in both students and staff on Tuesday and it was a refreshing and positive day for us all. I heard comments about inspiration, motivation, goals, dreams, not giving up, fresh starts and direction. What a fantastic boost into the future. All students should be part of this kind of program, I don’t think they will forget this day. I won’t..


It came to a stage where I was giving up, giving up on everything. I was even trying to find the quickest way on leaving this world. After trying to battle depression for almost 3 years now, something has triggered my thoughts and I’m starting to get back on track. I started watching all your videos on YouTube and reading your books over & over again, each time receiving a new lesson and understanding about it. It was like I was addicted to them. I just wanted to say thank you for changing the way I see things, let alone my WHOLE life. I’m really grateful and through your inspiration I’ve come to my senses and I’m trying to publish my very own poem book that I’ve kept over the years. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.


There is no word in the Dictionary that suitably sums up Glen’s presentation at our school last month !!!!!! “Totally unbelievable” does not even seem to come close. He is brilliant.


You captivated the attention of our Year 10 students. They were completely absorbed and inspired to make positive and practical changes to their lives. Subsequently we had a group of students form a support group aimed to maintain a healthy diet. The boys described Glen’s presentation as ‘awesome’, indicating that the seminar ‘Men of Honour’ met our objectives of assisting young men to reflect on their decisions about the way they lead their lives. This is a powerful presentation that does in fact change the lives of young men.


Glen had our year 12’s in the palm of his hand. Presentation, excellent. Content, invaluable.


I heard your presentation on ‘Day of Hope’ and I was truly inspired by it. You may have had MANY praises on the speeches you have given, but I can’t express in words how much it really was a mind and heart moving experience to listen to you. I can’t enforce enough the fact that you are the first speaker to actually make me ‘think’. I have listened to many speakers, and they are all positive, confident and inspiring. I take their advices all on board and believe in it, but then can’t make that next move to carry out my belief. The fact that your speech had made me emotionally overwhelmed, is evidence that my body was ‘thinking’ and that this experiece is going to stick with me forever. I believe that it will bring me to do something amazing in life because you said that I have the potential to do it. I would have loved to sit for the rest of my life listening to you. Keep on inspiring teens around the world.


I am just writing this e-mail to let you know how inspirational the ‘Day of Hope’ seminar was. I was lucky enough to hear the seminar when I was in year ten, four years ago whilst at a resilience camp. Everything that was discussed helped me to see life in a new perspective. I am now 19 years of age, completed the HSC and am now fulfilling ‘my dream’ of becoming a primary school teacher.


Today’s seminar has really changed my life. It has made me realise many things; the most important is changing my lifestyle right away. What you said today hit all the bases. Everything you said has impacted me and completely changed my mindset on things. Today was hands down the greatest seminar I have ever been too and has set the bar very high for future seminars.


Our students have continually thanked us for organising the opportunity to listen to Glen Gerreyn. They sat transfixed for the entire program, entirely engrossed by the message Glen had for them. Our students and staff could relate to the humanity of Glen through his own story of strength and frailty which he revealed with humour and passion.


First of all I wanted to say how much I enjoyed listening to you speak today and how inspired you have made me to alter my bad habits and blossom into a respectable young man. I must admit I did not come to the seminar today expecting much but I left with an experience that I am positive has changed my life forever. If I grow up to be half the man you are I will be satisfied to say the least.


Glen came to my school last year and I didn’t have an idol until then! Recently I took an opportunity to play rugby union. Being a league player I had no idea what to do but I took the risk. Eight games later I found myself playing for the NSW CHS team. Just last month I received a letter from the Wallabies to attend a training day in Sydney! I wanted to thank Glen for his talk. He made a real difference.


Thankyou so much for today. I think a lot of lights were turned on in peoples eyes. It was amazing to see the difference 5 hours can make!


I’m writing to tell you that a few weeks ago we had a Maths test. I have never been good at Maths, i think the best mark i have achieved was 77 percent. Well today i recieved my test back and i topped the class with 97 percent. I was so excited that i literally screamed! Thank you!


I was at a seminar of yours and you changed my life. You were the thing that pretty much turned my life around. You gave me self belief and self confidence to not only chase my dream but partially live it out. I was forced into your seminar, one which I thought I would be sleeping through, which in fact was one that changed my life. Through out the seminar you had me thinking about my dreams and my goals and what I could achieve if I put myself to the test and go for it. Well I walked away from that seminar eager to learn eager to compete eager to succeed and through out the next week I heard of a trial for an elite representative football team and I asked my dad if I could try out. From that point onwards I have only gotten better up until the point where I am now. I currently live in Barcelona, Spain playing for the so called 3rd youth club of Barcelona following behind FC Barcelona and R.C.D Espanyol. Thank you so much. You have been a massive part of my life even though you were only in it for less then a day!!!!!!


In a single two hour seminar you changed my perception (or Paradigm as I learnt) on life. I walked into the seminar believing my life had no purpose as I was convinced my dreams were unachievable and unrealistic. Your inspiring words educated me and I now realise my dreams are achievable and my life is becoming more meaningful. Also, the words you spoke about lifting the lid on your limitations to face your fears and achieve something, the same afternoon after your seminar, I did just that. I faced my fear of heights to successfully achieve a full circuit of a high ropes course. I lifted my lid and expanded my limitations. To have reached one person is an achievement, to reach a room full (as I saw) is a miracle, and for that you are an angel. Thank you


I was so excited to hear you talk at my school. I’ve never been so motivated and excited to actually get home and start my homework like I was today. I think that today was the most worthwhile money my school has ever spent. We’ve had renovations done in classrooms, had outside areas rebuilt, we’ve had the bathrooms re-done, along with the canteen, we’ve bought new computers for the computer rooms, but none of them have been as helpful and worthwhile as your talk.


You came to my school this past Thursday and I would just like to thank you so much for everything you said and did. I have been up and down a lot over the past years. Your speech was inspiring and motivating for all who came, however it touched me especially. Everyone who attended on Thursday really enjoyed and took something away from your presentation and I thought you deserved to know how much it touched and affected me. Thank you once again and I can’t wait until we have our next session with you.


I wanted to say thanks again for what you said during our camp. It was just what I needed, at a time when I was getting overwhelmed by the stress of assessments and becoming unmotivated and indifferent. You really helped me to regain confidence in myself and my dreams. I felt great when you got us to write down and stretch our dreams. I think you’re doing a great job, and you should continue to talk to as many young people as possible!


I don’t know how to thank you, I really don’t. You came to our school and never before have I been so inspired by a person, from all the TV shows I have seen all the talks I have had not once have actually felt so motivated to actually want to get up and pursue all my dreams. Every morning I wake up now and feel so much better about myself thanks to you. I’m exercising again and feeling better about myself already!! I really didn’t expect a change in me so quickly but really all my thanks are going to you, I wake up now full of energy and eager to go to school or do whatever I have planned. You are truly an amazing person, and your story really touched me and inspired me. I really wish more speakers were like you full of enthusiasm and someone with such a great heart I really don’t know how to thank you I really appreciate you coming to speak to us I’m feeling better about myself each day.


Exactly one week ago you came and did a camp with our Year 12. I didn’t come up to you and thank you, but thank you so much. Something inside me just changed. Now I’m aiming so much higher than I was before, because I know I actually can do it. Before I was putting myself down, and letting people put my dreams down. Now, I feel so much more confident within myself.


I think that if you can impact my life so dramatically, my goodness, what can you do for everyone else!? I’ve never really cared about life and school and marks. I guess I’m what you would call a floater, no goals or anything because I figured that if I had none then I would never be disappointed with myself or life. Jeez! was I wrong. When I was told we were having a motivation day I seriously considered not coming because I love to help people but not to help myself. Since the day you came and spoke to us I have picked my self up and started to have aims in my life. I just wanted you know that you have taught me how to life again and I wanted to thank you all.


I’m sure you get this all the time but you really have a gift for what you do. You have a way of capturing everyone in the room and keeping them interested for the duration of your presentation. I was completely taken by what you said. You had my undivided attention for every second, which coming from a girl with a maximum attention span for five minutes, is really saying something. The intergration of your own personal experience, with that of other people who have achieved phenomenal things, was really mind blowing. The amount of research and work you put into the seminar was truly evident. I want to thank you for coming to Monte and I plead with you to never give up what you do!


I just want to say that you have really inspired me to have a dream and to really stick with it. You taught me to just not give up, but to look beyond what I see. Thank you lots and lots. I am just stunned with what you have taught me.


I really would like to complement your speech, your approach towards life and your attitude towards hope…Thank you very much.


I was at the session you held today and just wanted to say that it was absolutely fantastic! We all walked in there thinking we were going to have to listen to another boring speaker drag on and on… but we were wrong. I just thought that you should know that we all left with something that we were not expecting . I think you started a lot of us on our personal road and I just thought I’d say thank you! Just to give you a bit more feedback- your session was talked about the whole day amongst the whole year. Thank you so much for doing what you do and encouraging so many of us to go out there and achieve our dreams!


You spoke at my school at the start of the year. Your motivation has helped me achieve something I never thought I would…I was expected by myself, parents and teachers to only get a UAI of 80 ….well guess what? The motivation you gave me helped to prove them wrong. I got a UAI of 93 woohoo!!!!….thanks glen your advice was a real help this year. Thanks mate.


I just wanted to write and say thank you SO much for your efforts on the talk! It was amazing! When I heard we had a “motivational talker” I had to admit I groaned and thought “great, here comes some old man with glasses telling us how important school and studying is” and boy, were my expectations wrong! You presented a relevant topic to our age group in a most entertaining way! I know as a teenager many of us are “too cool” at times, but you managed to keep us not only interested but made us leave motivated… amazing stuff!


I loved your talk to us the other day. Wow! You always inspire me to do so much more with myself. I am not the best and studying or time management, but from that one little session, you have already helped me. I’m aiming higher, doing more work and have started a study plan. All of your stories make life and goals feel so much more achievable.


You came to our camp and I found your talk to be the best 5 hour seminar I’ve ever been to. Most seminars I loose concentration after about 10 mins, but yours I didn’t lose concentration once. The talk I found was extremely motivational and I believe it has changed my life already. I just wanted to let you no that you are an inspiration and well done!


I’d also like to thank you from the bottom of my heart as the day after I returned from retreat, my sister was having a lot of self-esteem issues and she was very down on herself and very upset. My family all sat down and had a talk. What helped most was what you had taught us at the retreat and previously in your other seminars. I was able to tell her to think about all the positive things in her life and to not let the negative thoughts take over. This has really helped my family as well, as it has put less pressure on my parents to deal with my sister’s outbursts since she is quite happy now and is more willing to open up to people. I really believe it was the lessons that you taught us that provided me with the words to tell my sister how important she is and that she really matters. There are really not enough words to describe my gratitude and appreciation.


Just a thank you email for the seminar you gave today. I admired Glen’s energy, motivation and enthusiasm and – just wanted to let you know that last year Glen dared us to skip whenever we were mad. I did this after a very aggravating argument with one of my brothers, and I have never laughed at myself so much in my life. It mad me smile and my “bad mood” was gone almost instantly and I still do it. The positive ways of thinking you shared with us are so effective and can change anything. All one needs to do is smile and things start to look better. So thank you for your encouragement and wonderful advice. It is something I wont forget.


Glen, Thank you so much for the seminar you held for us! I really have never been so inspired in my life. And while I was at the camp I really could feel myself change. I became a more confident and positive person. What you have told us has stuck in my head and I know it won’t be going anywhere. Every time I think of something negative it automatically changes into a thought, then something positive. I can tell my life will be changed from now on, and I thank you SO SO much!


Can I say how amazing and life changing you seminar was to all of us. I know that you must get emails like this all the time, just remember how special and true each one is. I could spend 3 hours complementing you on the seminar.


I am currently a year 11 student in Strathfield. Today we had a study skill day which was performed by your organisation. I was blown away with the knowledge and education that I learnt today, and wanted to personally congratulate you on the great job and services that you provided.


Your seminar today was amazing. It really resonated with me. Our society needs more people like you. Thank you.


I just wanted to thank you for teaching me how to believe in myself and to set goals. The afternoon after your seminar I put your theory’s straight to work. After school I went to a softball match. In the bus on the way there I said to my team-mates “if you believe you can do it, you will achieve it, just keep your mind on your goal”. When I said that I wasn’t actually listening to what I was saying until afterward when I thought to myself… “that guy really hit me with that concept”. Well I hope you are happy to know that our ‘usual average’ team not only won the game but we won by 19 points!!! Then again, after the game, I went straight to a dance lesson. We were taught the moves and then the music was put on. Just before we were about to start I closed my eyes, I thought to myself “I can do anything I set my mind to, I am GREAT” I pictured myself doing the moves with style, not forgetting one step. I opened my eyes and straight away, I was dancing with my head up high, each movement had power, I felt as if I was the best dancer in the world. I USED YOUR TECHNIQUES, AND THEY WORKED!!! Thank you again for a great day. You helped me so much! Before each task that I find difficult, or I believe I did not do previously with my full potential, I will just look inside and find it. I now know…. Each day I am going to be MAGNIFICENT.


I just wanted to send you out a huge thank you for coming to my school, and opening my eyes to what I couldn’t see before. Your presentation was nothing like I expected – it was fun and interesting. Our grade never listens to guest speakers – ever! but I looked around while you were talking, and I’ve never seen our grade so quiet for two hours. We were all engrossed in your story and message that you shared with us. It was amazing – we were walking out and people were crying, people were laughing. It was like this huge weight had been taken off our shoulders, and we could really start to enjoy what we had.


I figured out today that I matter. That to be motivated you have to have a plan and be able to make mistakes along the way. I now believe in myself.


A few weeks ago you came to our school for the motivational training lesson. The things that you spoke about have stuck in my head and have been inspiring me ever since.


It is with great satisfaction that I send you this email of my vision board. You came to speak to my grade last week whilst we were on camp. Thank you so much for your motivation. I’ve always been eager to succeed and have always put 100% in to all my work, but know I have the tips to really apply my self. I know have no excuse to not achieve my dreams. Thank you!


I had the big unrealistic 93 (ATAR) on my wall all year long…and this unrealistic 93 turned into a realistic 94.1 – thank you Glen.


Glen! Your talk was outstanding! I spent tonight reading through the feedback forms and you moved a lot of people. Words like ‘life changing’, ‘OMG’ and ‘get him back’ were peppered though each sheet. You have a gift and your message and mission is changing lives.


10 years since Glen came to visit my school and I still remember his wise words like it was today. Inspiration!


You made everything matter. I don’t know how you did it. Every single girl, I’m sure, was captivated by you today, even the ones who think they’re too good for workshops. You have a gift. I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s kind of like I’ve been in this room all my life, and people have been slipping me notes of advice under this locked door, that I read, but then throw out. Today it was like you came, and bashed down the door and said it all to my face. I’ve never felt like this before in my life. You really have changed me. You’re not like other motivational speakers. You put so much of yourself on the line. I don’t even know what to say! Just thank you, thank you, thank you.


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