Brilliant Young Mind Seminar Information Pack

Brilliant Young Mind Brochure

Download our Brilliant Young Mind Brochure which highlights the aims and objectives of this inspiring study smart seminar.

Slide Deck Sample

Click the link below to see energising samples of our Slide Deck for our Brilliant Young Mind Presentation.

7 Days of Hope

HOPE: DELIVERED TO YOUR INBOX. This unique and free email program will empower you to reawaken hope and inspire the people around you.

Post Seminar Resource

BRILLIANT YOUNG MIND: FOLLOW-UP. This follow-up document summarises the key points from Brilliant Young Mind and shares ideas for follow up exercises with your students.

Vision Board Infographic

A vision board is a powerful tool but it can be confusing to know what to include. I have put together an infographic to act as a vision board checklist and give you guidance.

Action Checklist

Brilliant Young Mind: FOLLOW-UP. This follow-up document is a checklist to help you create momentum after the Brilliant Young Mind Seminar. Use this checklist to rocket you towards successful completion of your goals.

Free Brilliant Young Mind Posters

Download these free posters for your classroom to inspire your students to keep their eye of the prize.