You Are Awesome Find your confidence to be brilliant at (almost) anything by Matthew Syed

Positive and empowering, this guide from mindset writer Matthew Syed is written to help children and teens overcome personal and emotional obstacles, reach their goals and become positive, productive adults. So many kids judge themselves on the things they are not good at. And because they believe they can’t do things, they don’t try. You Are Awesome teaches young teens and upper primary children what many fail to realise; that natural talent is not the secret to success. Instead, it is hard work, determination, conviction and a refusal to believe the words “I can’t…”. Straightforward, helpful and inspiring, this book shows students not to give up when things go wrong but to embrace their mistakes and keep on trying. As a teacher or youth leader, you can use the messages in You Are Awesome to help the young people you work with to feel positive about their potential, take action and achieve more.