Developing The Leader Within You 2.0 By John C Maxwell

Title and seniority do not make leaders. Neither does birthright. True leaders know that when opportunity comes, it is too late to prepare. They develop the leaders within themselves so they can step up when the moment is right. First released in 1993, John C. Maxwell’s book Developing the Leader Within You transformed the way leaders see themselves. The lessons shared can be applied to anyone in any leadership position, from business executives to student councillors. In his revised edition, Maxwell builds on his foundational messages for how to become a good leader, explaining how influence, character, service and vision can be used as a roadmap to influence others. Perhaps the most relevant point is Maxwell’s conviction that leaders must first work on themselves. He disrupts the traditional idea of a leader having all the answers, and instead asks readers to acknowledge the true goal of any leader who leaves a lasting legacy — to serve others.