Tools on Empathy

The Empathy Effect

As the world’s understanding of the importance of empathy grows and deepens, it becomes more apparent just how important this attribute is.

Leading empathy researcher Dr Helen Riess breaks down what empathy is, why it is vital, and how it can be taught in her fascinating book The Empathy Effect.

Not only a deep dive into empathy, this is also a book about empathy in the digital age. Human connection has undergone a substantial shift in the past few decades and Dr Reiss does not neglect to recognise its shifting nature and the effect of the internet and social media on the way we relate to others. Engaging
and insightful, The Empathy Effect is the ultimate guide to compassion in the modern age.

With her E.M.P.A.T.H.Y.® method, Dr. Reiss also breaks down the key aspects of empathy and how you can apply them in all facets of life.

The Empathy Effect is essential reading for any parent, employer, or team member looking for a way to relate better to others.

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