The Hope Manifesto


You’ll agree with me that every High School is made up of people; people who either contribute to or undermine a schools’ success depending on their commitment to their work. Right? Then you’ll also agree that the more motivated your students are, the better they perform. The better they perform, the better your school performs, right? Right.

How then do you create a truly motivated student body? I’m talking long-term motivation, not incentivised spikes of enthusiasm. How do you keep students focused and engaged, and not always feeling like there’s something better out there? To have that great student body and staff, to be that great school, it all starts and ends with hope.

Through a series of ongoing, and one- off seminars I work with thousands of students and staff in hundreds of schools. My seminars are not about making empty promises. They are about engaging and inspiring people by re-igniting and re-discovering hope.

Now I say ‘hope‘ and you might be thinking airy-fairy ‘hope’? You might be thinking pretty flowers, and charitable causes? If so, think again.

The ‘hope’ I’m talking about is the most powerful driver of human achievement. It’s active, not passive. It’s strong, not feeble. It’s courage, not fear. It’s clear thinking, not disillusionment. It’s ongoing, not an end point. Hope is tenacious. Hope is audacious. Hope is positively contagious.

Hope is at the heart of every achievement because with hope comes meaning. With meaning people feel engaged. Engaged people take action in their lives and in their work, and action drives growth, for individuals and for schools. A disengaged, under-performing student body and staff is made of up people who lack hope, and who consequently fail to act, and therefore fail to grow. The HopeFull High School is made up of people – mothers, fathers, grandparents, brothers, sisters – who have hope in their lives. They’re focused, they’re driven and they’re able to reach their potential and grow. These are the people you want in your high school, building your schools reputation.

This work is my life. It is my greatest passion. I’ve been doing this for over 15 years and have worked with countless groups. I’ve met thousands of people, young and old, across the world and it all boils down to building hope. It is the very essence of greatness, and for me there is nothing more potent than changing someone’s life, by helping them rediscover hope. No matter how big or small the action they take, the effect is mind-boggling. I’d love to work with your staff and students and let you see the results for yourself.