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How Bad Do You Want It?: Mastering the Psychology of Mind over Muscle
BY: Matt Fitzgerald

Do you have what it takes? Can go the extra mile, push through the pain and surge ahead of the competition? Perhaps it comes down to how badly you want it. With the meticulously researched How Bad Do You Want it?, Matt Fitzgerald explains that you do have what it takes… because what it takes isn’t physical, it’s in the mind. Not everyone can be a record-breaking triathlete. However, by learning what sets these athletes apart, you can take your own performance to the next level. Using leading edge sports science research and fascinating case studies, Fitzgerald breaks down how top tier athletes hone their ‘mind muscles’ to become the best. Endlessly engaging, How Bad Do You Want It? is a must read for anyone who wants to push themselves to the next level to reach whatever their aspirations might be. Endurance athlete or not, this book teaches that you can go further and faster, it’s just a matter of mental toughness and answering the question; How bad do you want it?

The Athletic Brain: How Neuroscience is Revolutionising Sport and Can Help You Perform Better
By: Amit Katwala

We all know that top-level athletes can perform feats that seem extraordinary to everyone else but is it their body or their brain that does the bulk of the work? It turns out that the brain plays a huge part in any athlete’s success. And not necessarily because this organ is different to start with… but because sport can actually change the way your brain works.Along with changing your physical appearance and strength, sports can reshape your brain. After thousands of hours of practice, athletes have advanced skills in spatial awareness and reactivity… and they’re able to respond and react in ways that don’t seem human. In The Athletic Brain, Amit Katawala explains how this takes place and more importantly, how you can create your own ‘shortcuts’ to improve your athletic performance. A must-read for aspiring sportspeople or anyone with an interest in how our brains work, The Athletic Brain is an investigation into the power of the mind and its ability to change.

The Alter Ego Effect: How the World's Top Performers Use Secret Identities to Win in Sports, Business and Life
By Todd Herman

What if the person you always wished you could be was there inside you all along? This is a concept Canadian Performance Coach Todd Herman shares in his in-depth book The Alter Ego Effect. In the book, Herman explains how he has helped countless athletes, professionals and performers to tap into their hidden ‘alter ego’ and achieve what they previously thought impossible. It’s a theory that can be applied by anyone, in any high-pressure situation. What would you achieve if you knew you could be calm, confident, fierce or fearless? How would you feel about performing in front of an audience, racing out onto the sports field or tackling a difficult school exam? The Alter Ego effect shows readers how to overcome the self-doubt, negativity, and insecurity that hold you back so you are ultimately empowered to become your best self all the time. This read is ideal for any professional and is also very powerful for students who are learning to step into their self-confidence.




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