The Mental Athlete



Glen’s high-level athletic background, sporting expertise and his ability to motivate young people provides the perfect ingredients to give sporting teams their winning edge. This seminar discusses the areas of mental discipline that are most important to athletes.


The Mental Athlete is a seminar where athletes will hear key information on  personal leadership, the power of a team, overcoming the fear of failure, building confidence, performing under pressure and techniques for mental focus and hacking flow. Athletes will leave with actionable ideas to improve peak performance.


“I emailed you a while a go in year 8. I’m in year 12 now. I’ve been fortunate enough to receive multiple scholarships to US Colleges for basketball. I’m still yet to decide on the college I’m going to but your speech back in year 8 really inspired me to work hard and reach for the stars. I’m just contacting you now to say thank you for inspiring me and many others because your words literally worked wonders for me and I haven’t forgotten them to this day and don’t think I ever will.”

“I just want to say thanks for the talk you had with Mercy College. I always wanted to succeed in my boxing but after that day you put me in the right mind set to do it. I ended up moving down to Brisbane for my boxing a lot of people doubted me at the start and said it’s a bad idea, but I’ve recently won the Australian Title and have been selected to represent Australia in the World Youth Championships in Bulgaria! Three years after your talk I am still buzzing.I can’t thank you enough!”

“Trying to explain to my parents what you had talked about was very hard and I couldn’t quite put it into words how you had affected me. I am also very involved in Swimming. Since I was 9 I have been training and at the moment I am doing 8 swim sessions, 2 land work sessions and a session in the gym.This is obviously a lot of training taking up over 20 hours a week. At times swimming has been a bit of a drag. If I’m not swimming well or if life is just getting the better of me it can be a real drag trying to train that much. However since you spoke I have been training like a machine. The day that you spoke I trained for 4 hours after school and my coach was amazed by the energy and determination that I possessed in that time for she hadn’t seen me do anything like it before. I was so determined about life and for that I cannot thank-you enough. I then continued to swim hard and fast for 3 weeks of training and I have just swum at the State Championships. At the state champs I won 8 gold medals and 1 silver medal.  To top this off I broke a state record something that I have never done before.I would like to thank you for opening my eyes. I was going along in life doing well but you have made me want more. I will never be able to thank you enough for everything that you said when you visited Pulteney Grammar.”

“A few years back in high school I was a year 11 student on the verge of breaking down and ending my life. Then that day where we had the absolute privilege of hearing you speak and telling us your story changed everything for me. I got my life back on track secured a full time job once I left school and worked harder on my sporting goals than I ever did before and anyone else that I knew of. Earlier this year in Townsville we had a Pro-Am held and I played some of the best golf I ever had at that point. It was a shock to many but at the same time it wasn’t if that makes sense? I shot 67 and that was the lowest score of the day by any amateur by 9, and tied with the 2 leading Professionals. I was over the moon knowing I have the game and belief to mix it with the best. I am now about to fly down to Brisbane to qualify for my first big Professional event the Isuzu Queensland Open. It is safe to say that if I had of chosen not to go to school that day, never hearing you speak I have no idea where I would be today. Thank you once again Glen, you’ve completely changed my life for the better and I’m sure I’m not the only one.”

“Out of all the sports psychologist I’ve been to and the doctors appointment to try and fix my head, your story and interactional speech was all I needed to hear. Your motivational words were what made me get back out there and compete again. By the way Glen, I won silver!! I am now currently second top fencer in the country for Woman’s Sabre. The person who came first is currently at Olympic Qualifications in Tokyo. I was calm and relaxed and I honestly can’t believe I wasn’t in a panicked, stressed state like I used to be. Thank you Glen.”

“I saw Glen at my high school Epping boys high in 2010. His story was excellent and the delivery was inspiring and very thought provoking. I was a young man who wanted to get into Motorsport however never had money or ideas! A big influence on the motivation side was Glen’s talk that day over a decade ago. I clawed my way through the ranks, and got to formula Ford off merit. I toiled away and long story short. I’m a paid, professional race car driver for Hyundai Australia in the TCR championship, along with working as a driver coach and instructor for basically all the brands you can think of. I’d like to extend my thanks, and just pass on a message that what you do does work, and is a motivator for young men like myself. An overnight success, a dozen years in the making so to speak.”