Brilliant Young Mind Express


Brilliant Young Mind


Young people today are growing up and inheriting an increasingly complex and competitive world, especially in the areas of learning and technology. Their time and focus is easily consumed and distracted by their devices and as educators we are faced with the challenge of helping young people develop characteristics to enable them to become lifelong learners.


Brilliant Young Mind
brings young people back to the core opportunity they have to achieve their dreams; education. This seminar inspires students towards excellence as they gain a newfound understanding of the privilege and importance of education and its role in their transition into adulthood.

The seminar gives students and understanding of what successful study encompasses and how it can be achieved in a modern digital context. Students develop a greater awareness of the internal and external factors, that impact study and one’s education. Glen guides students on how to modify their attitudes and beliefs to achieve better results and greater satisfaction.

Students are equipped with practical skills that enable them to effectively prioritize and manage their time, reduce fears of failure, combat stress, develop a growth mindset, trigger flow and become mindful. Students are given organizational tools that can be immediately implemented for more effective learning and exam preparation. Students who experience Brilliant Young Mind leave the seminar with a greater level of confidence and a sense of determination to develop grit in order to reach their education ambitions.


“I attended the session with St Catherine’s that you spoke at today. I am just writing to thank you so much for taking the time to come and speak with us. You offered truly remarkable insights that not only give us the tools to tackle year 12 with less stress, but also tools that equip us for life. I have so many hopes and dreams that you have now given me the power to believe in there achievability. Your story is incredibly inspiring and the information you shared with us today, I’m sure will be incredibly valuable for the rest of my life.” – St Catherines, Sydney

“I just wanted to say cheers for your time at Joeys. I really took it your advice of planning work and just spreading it out. I wasn’t going to write my history speech until 2 weeks, the day before, but today I decided to just write an opening sentence but ended up writing my whole speech. Just shows a little bit of work can get you going and get in the zone as you said.” – St Josephs, Hunter Hill

“Thank you for coming in and talking to us today, I’m extremely grateful and appreciative of you being able to share you knowledge and teach those inspirational facts to young students like me. I suffer from many mental health issues, however its people like you that can change the world. you have made me realise what life is worth and how every single human can achieve great things. If we all become proactive as humans and truly put our mind to a task then anything is possible. Thank you for changing my outlook on life to become more positive and hopeful and I am honestly taken back by the knowledge that you shared. Thank you again for making my day so I hope this grateful email can make yours. Keep motivating and encouraging students because it does make a difference! “- St Luke’s, Dee Why

“I loved your talk today. I don’t know why it was so much more captivating than the countless others, but it was. You’ve been the only person to genuinely make me think about my study habits. I thought about my room when you were talking about minimalism. Its most certainly not minimalist. I collect vintage video game consoles, and they take up 70% of my shelf space in my room. My trading cards are all sprawled over my desk, covering everything. I decided to take your advice and box it all up. Everything not related to study directly is packed away in the garage now.”- St Patricks, Dundas

“Your speech this afternoon was extremely engaging and motivational. I appreciate your passion for encouraging others to discover new ways to learn and helping students to become diligent learners. I believe you are changing the mindsets of many students around the world. I wish you the best on your journey through life and hope you continue to enrich the world with your insightful ideas.” – Toowoomba Grammar