The Perfect Study Environment

A strong, successful person is not the victim of their environment. They create favourable conditions. Their own inherent force and energy compel things to turn out as they desire.

Orison Swett Marden

A well-designed space to study in will help you think with clarity and inspire creativity.

World records in sport are broken when the conditions are perfect. In the same way, the right conditions will boost your learning performance. If you can’t find a quiet space for reflective thought and deep learning, try using headphones to block out the surrounding noise.

Adequate lighting is also a successful online learning strategy. Investing in a desk lamp or studying near a window to let in natural light are easy ways to enhance concentration.

The temperature of your room is another gigantic influence on your productivity. If the room is too warm, you will become drained quickly. Use a fan or an open window to create airflow. If it’s too cold, you will find it hard to settle into a rhythm so find blanket, heater or warm clothes to adjust the temperature to a point where you’re comfortable.

Your study space will always be a work in progress but do all you can to facilitate the perfect conditions for optimal performance. Another bonus tip is to try sitting on an exercise ball to switch the monotony of sitting still.