Leaders lead with hope

Leaders are dealers in hope. – Napoleon Bonaparte

I’ve heard people say, “Hope is not a strategy” and they are right, it’s not a strategy. It is a leadership approach.

Strategy is implemented by people. The best strategy in the world will not work unless your student body has hope. Hope is not a vague concept, it is actually very goal-oriented thinking.

Leaders create a culture of hope, possibility and optimism. If you are in a culture of anxiety and hopelessness, be the light. Leaders shine a light in the darkness.

Hope is the most powerful driver of human achievement. It is at the heart of every achievement because with hope comes meaning. With meaning, people feel engaged. Engaged people take action in their lives, and this drives growth for individuals and for schools.

When we experience setbacks and uncertainty or encounter obstacles, hope is the vital ingredient we need to help us recover ourselves and those we lead, both psychologically and emotionally.