Quarantine Goals


Quarantine Goals

Stuck inside due to the COVID-19 outbreak? It’s important to avoid letting the days blend into each other. Find out why routine still matters. 

We all had big plans for 2020, whether it was playing our best on the sporting field or finally being brave enough to give a speech in public. While many of our ambitions have been turned on their heads, it is still important to set goals and maintain a sense of routine.

With most of us stuck at home, obviously we won’t be scoring goals on a sports field. However, you can still set yourself a new goal which will help you stay strong, mentally fit and ready to hit the ground running once the restrictions on socialising are lifted.

Your goal could be to reach a personal best for daily push ups, or to improve your accuracy when shooting baskets or reading a certain amount of books. Make it something achievable from home then track your progress as you strive towards it. You may find having extra time allows you to achieve your goals sooner so make a plan and just go for it.

Even while you’re at home, maintaining a routine is also important. It may seem funny to still set an alarm when you don’t have anywhere to be but if you fail to do so, you will lose track of time. shares a quote from writer Marty Nemko, who says that, “Modern life, increasingly defined by unpredictability, can be anxiety-provoking, and routines provide an anchor of predictability.”

Having the ‘anchor’ of routine can reduce the negative effects of the stress caused by this virus outbreak and give you something to focus on. Include actions as part of your routine which will help you achieve your goals and you will come out the other side of this crisis as a more resilient and empowered person.

Setting goals and having a routine can help with study, sporting or artistic endeavours. Include time to take a break and get some fresh air and make sure to reach out to friends and family regularly as well.

Even if your goal is something simple like learning to perfect a new recipe, write it down and be grateful for the extra time you have to achieve it.

Want some help setting goals? Download our My Quarantine Goals Sheet for some ideas on what you can achieve while you’re at home during the COVID-19 outbreak.