The Landlord


An elderly church minister who was well known for her charity work and helping the needy was sitting at home alone reading a book when a knock came at the door.

When she opened it she saw a large man who was sweating and breathing heavily. It is clear he had been running some distance to her house and he was in tears.

He said to the woman, “There is this family who lives down the road. The husband lost his job during the pandemic, they have four children and the wife’s mother also lives with them. But they don’t have enough money for the rent, and they have no money for food, and the landlord is about to kick them out of the house, even though they are only three days late with their payment. It is the middle of winter and we must do something. Please, is there anything you can do?”

The minister said, “Yes, of course, I will ask the board to release some funds so we can help this family.”

As they made their way to assist the family, the minister asked the man, “How do you know this family?” He replied, “Oh! I am their landlord.”