I am Seed


A young man goes to see a psychotherapist because he literally thinks his whole body is nothing but little bits of seed on the ground.

He is with this psychotherapist for months to try and mend his mind. These months turn into years and until eventually he is finally able to admit to his therapist, “I know I am not a seed, I know I am a human being.” His analyst thinks this is great news.

But a few days later he is back at the analyst door, and he is crying, sweating and frantic. The psychotherapist asks what’s wrong, and the young man says, “My next-door neighbour has just brought home a handful of chickens and I am afraid they are going to eat me.” The analyst says, “But you know you’re not a seed, you know you are a human being.” The young man utters, “Yes I know that… but do the chickens know that?