Horse Sense


A fellow once visited a guru to ask for some advice. He complained bitterly to the guru that a competitor was robbing him of his livelihood.

The guru said, “Have you noticed when a horse goes to the river to drink, it strikes its hoof against the bank? Do you know why it does

The fellow stared at the guru, angry that he didn’t seem to understand the question that had been put to him.

I will tell you why,” the guru said. “When the horse bends its head to drink, it sees its reflection in the water. Mistaking the reflection for another horse, it stomps on the ground to scare the other horse away and preserve the water for itself. This is of course ridiculous. We know the horse’s fear is groundless and that the river is capable of watering far more horses than just this one.”

So, what does that stupid horse have to do with me and my livelihood”.

You, my friend, are the horse. You imagine that this abundant river cannot sustain both of you and more, so here you are stomping your foot to scare away imagined competitors. Your only true competition is the reflection of self you see in the river.”