Magnify your talent and bury your fear.


Magnify your talent and bury your fear.

 What you don’t use, you lose

In this video, high school speaker Glen Gerreyn shares the importance of seizing opportunity, magnifying talent and refusing to let fear hold you back.

Are you using your talents? Or are you burying them in a dark hole because you are so scared you will lose them?

So many of us allow fear to focus our attention. When we do this, we can’t see all the incredible opportunities that we have around us. We fail to leverage our talents because we are afraid of failure.

But if you don’t use your talents, you lose them.

Watch this video to hear:

  • An ancient story of talents wasted
  • Why you should magnify your talent and bury your fear, not the other way around
  • Why you are surrounded by gifts, and what these gifts are
  • How to stop listening to others and follow your true calling
  • Why you need to start believing in yourself again

Many people today will never become who they really are. At some point in their life they stopped believing in themselves, trusting themselves and backing themselves. They listen to other people’s opinion telling them what they are and what they should do. Those voices in their head grew louder than their own voice.

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is for more people to come alive.” -Howard Thurman

There will never be anyone like you, ever again on this planet. So start believing in yourself, remember your talents do have an expiry date and avoid the urge to magnify your fear and bury your talent.

About the presenter

Glen Gerreyn speaks at high schools across Australia, helping inspire students to recognise their innate talents and strive to reach their full potential.