How to be scrappy like Nelson Mandela and the importance of Hope Theory and Rollercoasters.


How to be scrappy like Nelson Mandela and the importance of Hope Theory and Rollercoasters.

What is hope | How to be hopeful

This video from Hope Theorist Glen Gerreyn takes a look at the concept and importance of ‘hope’ and how to leverage it to have a more powerful, happier life.

 Hope is not an emotion. It’s a way of thinking… a learned behaviour.

 Hope isn’t an airy-fairy, pretty flowers and sunsets concept. It’s the most powerful driver of human achievement.

 If you’re wondering how to be hopeful, think of hope as active, not passive… as strong, not feeble.

Hope is ongoing. It doesn’t have an endpoint. And hope is power.

 Not in terms of dominance. Hope is power in terms of competence and in your ability to affect positive change.

Remember this: If you want to have more power in your present, have more hope in your future.

There is hope theory, developed by Professor Rick Snyder. It is best explained as a formula:

Hope = Goals + Pathways + Agency

The video explains the formula above but here’s a quick breakdown.

  • Goals result from our ability to organise, plan and make decisions
  • Pathways refer to the different routes we can take to get what we want. Life isn’t linear, it is full of ebbs and flows. There are always twists and turns but there is more than one way to get to your destination.

You will get where you want to go if you keep your composure and hold on to hope.

  • Agency is the ability to believe in yourself. Others may want you to do something different or tell you you can’t do something. It is up to you to prove them wrong.

Watch the video for an inspiring story about hope in a hopeless situation which lasted for close to 30 years. You’ll hear the incredible outcome of one person’s firm belief in what was possible, before finding out how to turn your own hope in the future into an incredible story of success