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Grit by Angela Duckworth

When Angela Duckworth’s book hit the shelves in 2016, the concept of ‘grit’ took the world by storm. More than a self-help book, Grit is the work of years of work and research by an award-winning psychologist. Angela Duckworth has committed her life, and more than her fair share of her own grit, to discovering how people succeed.

In Grit, Duckworth shares her discoveries and outlines how you can become a grittier person. Duckworth has found that determination, perseverance, and resilience are key to almost all high-level success, more so than talent.

With colourful stories of ‘grit paragons’ to outline how grit can lead to success, Grit is as readable as it is inspirational. If you are striving for the best but never quite seem to make it, this is the book that will inspire you to reach the next level.

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