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Wellbeing Personal Development

Men of Honour X


This course is a social and emotional well-being program filled with activities and thoughtful discussion points to promote robust debate between young men and their mentor helping to develop a greater sense of self-regulation.


Coming of age is tough. Boys today must negotiate a very complex landscape of masculinity and determine how to become the men they want to be. Men are not at the mercy of their bodies and hormones. Yet there are very few safe, open and informative platforms for boys to discuss their feelings and desires in order to help them take control and make good decisions.

Men of Honour X is a series of ten workshops highlighting the power of an individual’s choice in the areas of exercise, nutrition, money, relationships, risk taking and sex. It explores the portrayal of men in society, perpetuated by the media, and the subsequent effects on male identity and behaviour. It exercises core skills and cultivates characteristics that are proven to strengthen resilience and good mental health. And it emphasises the power of mentorship from honourable men that young boys need and should seek out.

These workshops that have been based off Glen Gerreyn’s acclaimed Men of Honour seminar and book. Our hope is that it will inspire a generation of young men to honour themselves, their elders and their future.


Glen Gerreyn’s unique and widely respected Men of Honour program, captured for posterity in this entertaining and hard-hitting book, fearlessly tackles the often difficult issues that boys face in growing up. Written by one of the most inspiring and influential young men of his generation, Men of Honour is a must-read for boys and their fathers, bringing both immediate and potentially far-reaching benefits as males of all ages make honourable choices in how they live their lives.


Wellbeing Personal Development

Aims to debunk the archetypes and stereotypes that are modelled to males in their immediate environment and through the media.  These labels are unpacked tracing their origins, challenging their intentions and exploring honourable notions of manhood to equip participants to shape them for themselves.

Aims to allow participants to look into their world and identify those male role models they can glean from to aid in their transition from boy to man. Exploring participants self-regulation skills, self-efficacy and social competence is fundamental and especially important for those participants who may not be in frequent contact with honourable male family members and therefore such content may trigger emotional distress. Discussions around the commonality of dishonourable relationships within a family and community is included to convey through self-discipline and positive decision making, the absence of honourable role models does not define or restrict an individual in becoming an honourable man.

Aims to provide an opportunity for participants to reflect on their current vs’ ideal health and fitness providing memorable facts about exercise to improve their intrinsic motivation to participate regularly.   To value their bodies and make positive lifestyle choices in relation to physical movement enhancing their overall health and wellness is encouraged throughout this workshop.

Aims to provide an opportunity for participants to reflect their current vs. ideal nutrition considering important facts about nutrition to improve their daily choices with a view towards solidifying their long-term health. 

Aims to highlight the importance of money management for participants from an early age. We explore five fundamental and deliberate practices for financial literacy leading towards future success. Starting with research on current employment opportunities, knowledge of saving trends and exploring future real estate investments sets participants on the path to forge positive financial management.

Aims to unlock misconceptions about ‘experimentation’ being harmless and how it can easily progress through the phases of addiction. Exploring the words of a former drug addict, participants are given a glimpse into the slippery slope of addiction with implications for the individual, family and wider community shared and discussed. Bad habits are identified and replaced with healthy choices that are as enjoyable and reward participants with long-term positive health outcomes. 

Aims to give participants an insight into their own online behaviour and the implications of such in terms of time, health, relationships, values and character. We explore how to be an honourable man online and what to do when presented with a chance to be dishonourable by thinking through potential implications. Paramount in this workshop is the need for participants to develop empathy to more positively engage with others online and avoid negative ramifications for the individual and for others.

Aims to equip participants to make positive choices in relationships and sex by clearing up misconceptions and myths and identifying honourable character traits to fortify physical interactions. Focusing on the ‘brain’ being the most important sexual organ in a man, we show participants the importance of being mindful in relationships and how that is possible. By identifying couples in their world that possess positive relationship qualities, participants are better able to evaluate their own relationships and what is important to them.

Aims to convey to participants that honourable men are not the sum of their biological urges and that engagement in the porn myth, paired with masturbation without restraint, programs the brain’s expectation of sexuality. Without self-restraint, your sexual identity and capacity to bond intimately and authentically with someone will be severely affected therefore it is vital for participants to share in frank discussions about this often avoided topic. Developing healthy practices in this area allows participants to enjoy a positive understanding and future fulfilment of intimacy, women and relationships. 

Aims to bring together all elements of the participants’ decisions throughout the  Men of Honour X workshops in a way that will best aid them in their transition from boy to man. As we conclude, participants are asked to revisit each commitment they have made and unpack how their character traits are going to best sustain them on their journey towards manhood. The famous quote “Ability will get you to the top, but it’s character that keeps you there” brings the prefect culmination to a meaty and useful personal development program for these young men. 

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  • 2 x Facilitators Manuals
  • 30 x Participants Playbook
  • 2 x Men of Honour books
  • USB Pin containing 67 images
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