Bringing Your Purpose to Light – WATCH THIS


Bringing Your Purpose to Light – WATCH THIS by Glen Gerreyn

 The purpose of life

This video from The Hopefull Institute’s Glen Gerreyn explains how simply having purpose can instantly raise students above their peers in terms of what can be achieved.

A fascinating study recently found only one in five young people say they know who they are and where they are going. This 20 per cent has a sense of identity, meaning and direction. Motivated to do better at school, they are more resilient and they get on better with their peers.

Sadly, 55 per cent of young people confess their goals aren’t their own. They’re being directed by someone else’s decisions and they are not living an authentic life.

The other 25 per cent have no plans and no direction. They are wandering aimlessly and are completely disengaged.

As someone who works with young people, I have developed three essential ideas to help young people take steps in the right direction so they can discover their purpose and maximise their potential.

Watch the video to find out:

  1. Why every single one of us has purpose and how to use the things that come naturally to you or which you truly care about to make a difference
  2. More about why purpose is not static and how what may be perceived as failure can actually lead to a new, clearer purpose
  3. How to discover your own true purpose and why you will know it when you see it

This video also shares specific examples of how a single moment triggered students to understand their purpose. It also explains the importance of being open to new things.

Greatness lives inside you! It just needs to be explored. Sometimes this means leaving your comfort zone but even if you start with one small step, so long as it is in the right direction, you’ll get there.