Think Again: The Power of Knowing what you don’t know By: Adam Grant

Considering the casual ease with which we change things like our homes, wardrobes and phones, why is it so hard to update our views and opinions? It is too easy to let your ways of thinking stagnate and to let comfort overcome logic. With Think Again, Adam Grant teaches us that rethinking is as important as thinking. Rethinking is a skill that can take you a step beyond the competition. And not only that, it is a skill that can be taught.Through insightful anecdotes and thorough research, much of it his own, academic and best-selling writer Grant lays out how you can learn to rethink just as well as you think. He shows that what you don’t know is just as important as what you do know. Think Again is an essential read for anyone who is looking to expand their way of thinking and to get a step up in our ever-changing world.