The Infinite Game: How Great Businesses Achieve Long Lasting Success By Simon Sinek

Which game are you playing? New York Times best-selling author Simon Sinek makes sense of life and business by breaking it down to the games we are all playing. Finite games like soccer or chess have set rules and players and a definite end. But infinite games like business, politics, or indeed life itself, have no fixed rule and no end. You can win a finite game but the infinite game is the one you play for life. With this as his framework, Sinek, author of Start With Why, Leaders Eat Last and Together is Better, teaches how to grow an organisation and a life with staying power. By embracing ethical values and understanding long-term thinking, your organisation will not only grow but thrive. Believe it or not, a world where workers love their jobs and companies thrive despite hardships is achievable. Simon Sinek’s passionate and instructive book can teach you and your team how to embrace every challenge by playing the Infinite Game. Directed at business owners, it is also helpful for leaders and professionals who want to take the best approach to supporting the organisation they work for.