The Geography of Genius: A search for the world’s most creative places from Ancient Athens to Silicon Valley By Eric Weiner

Did you ever wonder what makes a genius? Best selling travel writer Eric Weiner did, so he wrote a book on the subject. Dismissing the old adage of the lone genius, Weiner embraced the geographical theory of genius creation and set out on an epic journey to discover how it works. His book invites you to travel along as he explores hot spots of historical genius from Ancient Athens to Silicon Valley. Weiner’s account of his journey is an entertaining romp through ‘genius’, past and present. With frequent and insightful scholarly references and colourful conversations with experts, Weiner breaks down the environmental and geographical elements that created geniuses from Socrates to Beethoven and beyond. Weiner’s self-proclaimed ‘colossal fools’ experiment is a thought-provoking journey into genius and how it is formed. It may be far more treasure map than recipe book but The Geography of Genius is the perfect first step to understanding genius and discovering it in yourself and those around you.