The Coming Wave

In his New Times bestseller, Mustafa Suleyman dives into society’s next major technological leap and explains how rapidly developing AI and synthetic biology are set to change the world. His prediction? Along with stunning benefits, these changes will come with unprecedented perils. Suleyman draws from his expertise as co-founder of the AI company DeepMind and as a long-time contributor to coming-wave technology to outline the possible benefits and detriments of the next revolutions in innovation. From AI being able to carry out a significant portion of daily tasks to potentially engineering DNA in anyone’s garage, Suleyman runs through the pros and cons of the next technological revolution and the importance of keeping new tech under control. The Coming Wave is a call to the world; get ready, the wave is coming, and everything is going to change. It’s a must-read for teachers who want to prepare the next generation for what is to come.