The Burnout Fix by Dr Jacinta M Jiménez

If you have ever felt exhausted in a way that can’t be explained, The Burnout Fix may give you some answers. Filled with evidence-based strategies to fight the common issue of burnout, Dr Jacinta M. Jiménez’s book is a toolkit for the modern worker or student. It’s the remedy to the ‘always hustling’, ‘always connected’ modern world.With carefully researched strategies and relatable examples, Jiménez presents her PULSE strategy; a simple and effective way to tackle burnout and live a more fulfilled life. Jiménez brings years of experience in psychological motivation to help you to discover your personal pulse and give you a guide to a less burnt-out life. A must-read for anyone struggling through today’s high-pressure world, The Burnout Fix is a practical and engaging guide to finding your better you. As an individual or a team leader, Jiménez explains how to deal with and prevent burnout for a more efficient and happy existence.