The Athletic Brain: How Neuroscience is Revolutionising Sport and Can Help You Perform Better By: Amit Katwala

We all know that top-level athletes can perform feats that seem extraordinary to everyone else but is it their body or their brain that does the bulk of the work? It turns out that the brain plays a huge part in any athlete’s success. And not necessarily because this organ is different to start with… but because sport can actually change the way your brain works.Along with changing your physical appearance and strength, sports can reshape your brain. After thousands of hours of practice, athletes have advanced skills in spatial awareness and reactivity… and they’re able to respond and react in ways that don’t seem human. In The Athletic Brain, Amit Katawala explains how this takes place and more importantly, how you can create your own ‘shortcuts’ to improve your athletic performance. A must-read for aspiring sportspeople or anyone with an interest in how our brains work, The Athletic Brain is an investigation into the power of the mind and its ability to change.