The Art of Thinking Clearly By Rolf Dobelli

With The Art of Thinking Clearly, novelist and entrepreneur Rolf Dobelli gives you the rundown on how to always make the right decisions. We all make little mistakes in the way we think every day. With Dobelli’s advice, you can learn how to spot what he describes as “cognitive errors” and start thinking more clearly. The Art of Thinking Clearly is an eye-opening look at human psychology and reasoning. It is essential reading for anyone who wants to avoid those cognitive errors and make better choices in all aspects of their lives. Whether it’s investing too much time in a pointless endeavour, continuing with an action you knew was bad for you or paying too much for something, you are making simple errors in your day-to-day thinking. In easy to digest, bite-sized chunks, Dobelli outlines 99 different types of errors and how to combat them. With advice that relates back to everyday life, Dobelli’s 99 short chapters are readable and engaging. The Art of Thinking Clearly includes thorough research and is incredibly helpful if you want to improve your way of thinking or simply learn more about the incredible human mind.