The Alter Ego Effect: How the World’s Top Performers Use Secret Identities to Win in Sports, Business and Life By Todd Herman

What if the person you always wished you could be was there inside you all along? This is a concept Canadian Performance Coach Todd Herman shares in his in-depth book The Alter Ego Effect. In the book, Herman explains how he has helped countless athletes, professionals and performers to tap into their hidden ‘alter ego’ and achieve what they previously thought impossible. It’s a theory that can be applied by anyone, in any high-pressure situation. What would you achieve if you knew you could be calm, confident, fierce or fearless? How would you feel about performing in front of an audience, racing out onto the sports field or tackling a difficult school exam? The Alter Ego effect shows readers how to overcome the self-doubt, negativity, and insecurity that hold you back so you are ultimately empowered to become your best self all the time. This read is ideal for any professional and is also very powerful for students who are learning to step into their self-confidence.