Permission to Feel by Marc Brackett

Marc Brackett is on a mission. As Founding Director of the Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence, he has seen how low mental wellbeing is in children and adults alike and has set out to do all he can to help. With his book Permission to Feel, Brackett packs years of experience in the field as well as a true passion for helping people into a readable guide to improve mental wellbeing. His simple but startlingly effective RULER method shows readers how to understand your emotions and to have them work for you rather than against you. By Recognising, Understanding, Labelling, Expressing and Regulating emotions, you will be on the road to a healthier emotional life and greater wellbeing at school, work, and home. And by helping your kids to learn the RULER system, you are setting them up for future success and happiness. Rigorously researched and rich with personal anecdotes and relatable stories, Permission to Feel is as readable as it is educational.