Man’s Search for Meaning

Since its initial publication in 1945, people have been moved and inspired by Psychiatrist and Holocaust Survivor Victor Frankl’s extraordinary book, Man’s Search for Meaning. As inspiring as it is heartbreaking, Frankl’s matter-of-fact look at life in a Nazi concentration camp through the lens of his own lived experience will stay with you forever. Rightfully considered a 20th-century classic, Man’s Search for Meaning is a look at how finding meaning in your life can be the literal difference between life and death. Even in the most difficult circumstances imaginable, such as being a prisoner at Auschwitz, finding meaning can give you a reason to keep going and to strive to stay alive. Man’s Search for Meaning takes some of the darkest subject matter of modern history and turns it on its head to make it an inspirational tale of hope and strength. It is an essential book that should be on everyone’s to-read list.