How to Think More Effectively by The School of Life.

Put aside old ways of thinking. Gain the confidence to trust your own mind and find your own genius. From The School of Life, a global organisation dedicated to teaching life skills, comes How to Think More Effectively. A series of short essays, this book is designed to get you ‘thinking about thinking’… and thinking better. Easily digestible and with practical exercises at the end of each chapter, How to Think More Effectively is perhaps the most practical guide to thinking you will ever find. With the central thesis that the human mind is an incredible tool that all too often goes underused, How to Think More effectively systematically lays out the different ‘forms of thinking’ and explains how you can do them better. With examples from some of history’s greatest minds and artists, the book clearly lays out how your own mind is there to be used, if only you understand how to use it. How to Think More Effectively is a must-read for anyone who wants to expand their way of thinking and break new horizons.