From Strength to Strength

Are you a ‘striver’? Have you pushed hard all your life to be the best you can be? Have you been successful and achieved so much but feel as though something is missing and as though things are getting harder, not easier? If any of these sound familiar, then From Strength to Strength is worth the read. Arthur C. Brooks, bestselling author and the columnist behind The Atlantic’s “How to Build a Life” series, brings you a highly researched guide to finding fulfilment later in life. He teaches ‘strivers’ how to let go and find happiness when they pass the point of peak performance and start wondering what it’s all about. From Strength to Strength delivers a few harsh realities (including a middle age ‘decline’), but Brooks has the answers for all the issues that arise during a mid-life ‘crisis’. With Brooks as your guide, you can learn how to make the jump into a fulfilling later life.