The old saying is that the secret to success isn’t what you know, it’s who you know. Keith Ferrazzi certainly believes this to be true, and with his book Never Eat Alone (co-authored with Tahl Raz), he outlines how valuable an extensive network is to succeed in business and life. Beyond this, he gives a step-by-step guide as to how to start, grow and maintain relationships that can boost your prospects. In his book, Ferrazzi demonstrates how immensely useful building connections can be. His key point is that everyone you know also knows people and therefore presents more opportunities to expand your network and career.

After five years of research, Jim Collins, author of the best-seller Built to Last, put his team’s hard work into his insightful book Good to Great. Starting with the question, ‘Can a good company become a great one?’ Collins and his team came up with eight factors that take an organisation from good to great. By examining 11 ‘good to great’ companies, Collins demonstrates exactly what it takes for an organisation to level up. Every one of the 11 companies demonstrated all of the 8 factors discovered by Collins and his team, but what’s interesting is that they can be applied to anyone at any time, whether you are looking to guide others or excel at school. There are so many parallels between business and life, which is why this book is an essential read for all ages. In this summary, I have explained each business lesson and shared how it can be applied to students and teachers.

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