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Book Summary

The Leader’s Guide to Resilience: How to Use Soft Skills to Get Hard Results
By Audrey Tang

The Leader’s Guide to Resilience is simple, effective, and easy to put in place. Easy to read and methodical, Audrey Tang’s book is practical and detailed as it explains how to build your resilience and the resilience of your team. Psychologist Tang brings exhaustive research and practical experience to her guide by firstly imparting her deep understanding of resilience and its importance, then outlining how we can become more resilient. Each chapter even has specific activities to help you succeed.The Leader’s Guide to Resilience is a must-read for anyone hoping to take their business or team to the next level, or who makes a living from teaching others. With Audry Tang as your expert, let The Leader’s Guide to Resilience lead you to a more resilient and successful future.

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