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Building Better Families 

A game-changing online course for parents of children aged 5-18.


We all need a little help sometimes to figure out if we’re doing it right. 

As a father of four, The Hopefull Institute’s Glen Gerreyn understands first-hand the many challenges of parenting. He also knows how rewarding it is to witness your children grow up feeling loved, assured and close to their parents.

Glen has been delivering this program for the last ten years to help parents of primary school and teenage children to improve communication, help them find their purpose and ensure ‘home’ is a place their children are always happy to come back to. For the last decade, he has presented it to hundreds of live audiences and has regularly updated it in accordance with the latest parenting research.


In this practical seminar, Glen shares the five fundamental positive parenting tools, based on in-depth research into positive psychology.

As a parent, you’ll complete the hour feeling equipped with the skills to improve your connection with your children and to empower them to tackle a complex world.

“Our first responsibility as parents is to enjoy our kids. Because how you approach being a parent deeply shapes how your child will see the world. When you are enjoying your children, you are teaching them that the fundamental engine of what makes a family thrive and flourish is not angst, depression or despair, but joy.” – Glen Gerreyn


Jam-packed with information and insights, this seminar is designed to be easy to understand and to share ideas which are easy to apply at home.

Watch it and discover:

    • How to help your child find their vision for themselves and their future
    • The rules of encouragement and how to give the right kind of praise
    • How to be where you are and the art of mindfulness.
    • Teaching your children how to fail without losing hope
    • How to say you’re sorry without losing your child’s respect
    • Making your home a refuge, not a place of constant conflict


Glen’s inspiring presentation is ideal for the parents of children aged 5-18.

You’ll find it helpful if you’re struggling to connect with or find ways to relate to your child, or even if you’re feeling nervous about what the teenage years will bring.

As you listen, you’ll understand more about why your child behaves the way they do and learn to respond without ending up in a situation of conflict.

“How are you supposed to know the best way to be a parent when you have never done it before? We can all benefit from some help and an outsider’s perspective from time to time. I’m looking forward to sharing tips and techniques that will help you support your child and feel closer to them as they progress to adulthood.” – Glen Gerreyn


“I really wanted to thank you so much for the Positive Parenting Seminar. It really had quite a profound effect on me. I was sitting there listening to you Glen and it’s like something inside me switched on. The message you were giving, resonated really strongly inside of my heart. It was such an amazing opportunity to learn and grow. I was open to hearing the message, which I obviously needed to be for any kind of change to be instigated but you spoke the message to me so clearly that I was inspired enough to go about and make changes. You’ve helped me to better myself as a parent and the ripple effect that will have on everyone around me, is something you can’t measure. It began with you and for that I am so grateful.”

Past Participant 5

“Fantastic seminar! I plan on setting up vision boards for my son and myself, and have already incorporated ‘Selah’ moments into my day. I am feeling more connected to my son. Thank you for hosting the seminar.”

Past Participant 4

“Thank you for your dynamic, energetic, positive talk. You raised many relevant points that my partner and I have been concerned about regarding teenagers in general. It can be difficult as a parent to explain to your son why our values and rules differ from his peers and why he may not have the same freedom others have, but be allowed a different type of independence that is set within boundaries.”

Past Participant 3

“Glen was in the moment and his words were so true to modern-day situations. He definitely was an inspiration and made me feel that persevering and putting some new strategies in place would help myself cope with the stress my daughter is under with her schooling and ATAR. My daughter was so blown away with Glen’s encounter I could feel that her spirit was lifted tenfold. Truly worthwhile.”

Past Participant 2

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your inspiring and engaging talk you held last night for parents. I have attended many talks over the years about teens and how to be a better parent etc, but your talk last night was on another level!”

Past Participant 1


Over the past 20 years Glen has shared his message of hope with over a million people around the world; engaging with students, parents, teachers, employees, sporting groups and community leaders. Glen’s been invited to speak at TEDx events and on national TV and radio. He has authored five books and created numerous courses.

Glen has a unique ability to capture the attention of thousands, while deeply affecting individuals. So much more than being able to inspire, is the absolute art of being able to compel people to take action in their lives. Therein lies Glen’s undeniable gift. With a unique ability of encoding today’s data into tomorrow’s dialect, Glen continues to offer audiences profound experiences of meaning and identity; shifting perceptions, challenging boundaries, and motivating positive change.

Glen lives in Sydney, Australia and rolls five deep with his wife and four children.

This seminar is user friendly and can be shared as a family. It has recently been updated with new information in response to thoughts and feedback from parents so you’ll find it to be current, practical and informative for all ages.

This compact seminar is pre-recorded, so you can view it at any time. To start, simply click on the link below. You can pause, rewind and watch it again for 30 days from the time of purchase.