How Children Succeed by Paul Tough

In his book How Children Succeed, journalist Paul Tough breaks down long-established beliefs and introduces new concepts to help children get ahead in life. Paul writes that standardised testing doesn’t always serve our children well, and the poverty gap is leaving much of today’s youth in the dust. Meanwhile, if you can’t teach IQ, how do you help children of all skill levels to thrive? The answer, according to Tough, starts at home and continues through to the education system. But rather than the three R’s, it is developing good character that young people need to learn more about. Exhaustively researched and bridging the political gap between right and left, How Children Succeed is an eye-opening look at why the older generation is failing the young and how we can fix it. Whether you agree with Tough’s arguments or not, the book is a must-read for any modern parent, teacher, or caring adult.